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Restoring Dignity Fund

Dignity // the quality of being worthy of honor or respect, the state of being esteemed, to be elevated to a higher position.

God has called us to elevate others to a higher level of honor and respect. We do this by renewing and cultivating their sense of worth and esteem. That may come in many forms such as: giving shelter to a disease-laden prostitute who is seeking refuge from sex-trade pirates, providing and education and job training skills to uneducated teens who are being rescued from gang-related delinquency or send printed materials to inmates who will discover their new identity in Christ through reading life-changing materials.

The arms of the Lord are open wide to all who will come…and so should ours. With the Restoring Dignity Fund of SWM you can open your arms to embrace the undignified and help restore the image of God in them through your generous contributions. 

Note: Your donation will be applied towards projects that fulfill the needs of men nd women around the world and will be based on the priorities of Shane Willard Ministries' missions efforts, which is set by Shane Willard Ministries' leadership and available funding. Your partnership in this area will have a tremendous impact on our global outreach to men and women in the most needy situations. Thank you for your partnership and generosity!

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