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Praying with the Holy Spirit - Clark Taylor

Prayer is a word that conjures up different images for many of us:  connection, boredom, intimacy, duty, power, guilt and passion.  The list is probably endless, and can change for each of us on any given day. I imagine that every Christian wants incredibly intimate communion with the God that we love and serve.  Yet, there are vastly different connotations to prayer and just as any formats of prayer.  How should I pray?  Do my prayers actually achieve anything?  How long should I pray?  What exactly is prayer?  Is it repeating Scripture, is it silence, is it requests?
If you have longed to have a deeper connection with our God, to see Him powerfully move in your life, the lives of those you love and the nations of the world, your life can change from today. Clark says, 'I have discovered, particularly through my times with God in my later years that prayer is far from boring, and that God is drawing us to spend this loving, enjoyable and powerful time with Him'. During this series Clark leads us in some personal times of meditative prayer, specifically showing us the way that the Holy Spirit has taught him to pray.
Messages Include:
  • What Prayer Is
  • Prayer
  • The Pathway to God
  • Know God
  • Practical Meditation
  • Seek God
  • Practical Meditation 2
  • Powerful Prayer

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