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It is Clark's heartfelt desire that this book be a candid account of his life.  He speaks frankly about success and failure, the devastation that acting against our own moral compass causes, and the effect it has on those you love.  He shares his incrdible depths of pain in his life, and God's amazing grace that restored him.  It's an...

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     Do you desire to work through your faith in real and practical ways? How would you like a daily-study-guide to help focus all your hectic thoughts? The Bible introduces us to many abstract and bizarre concepts; sometimes it is difficult to process everything. Sometimes the Bible can seem so irrelevant to our lives, but we read it anyways.     ...

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     How great is your salvation? Does your salvation infiltrate everyday facets of your life?      This book will expose the journey and will examine the pathway to restoration. With an emphasis on practical application, this book will walk you through the "how" of restoring the soul.      If you have ever wondered about the abundant life Jesus promised, then...