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School of the Spirit - Clark Taylor

Learning His Ways, Revealing His Gifts, Unlocking The Secrets. This teaching has arisen out of two major visitations of God to Pastor Clark Taylor, the first when he was asked to leave the Methodist Ministry because of differing beliefs on the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  As Clark was at the end of his known world the Holy Spirit said to him, 'Come into the School of My Spirit and I will teach you My ways'. If the ways of God are important to you and you would like to improve your life in any area, these teachings by Pastor Clark Taylor will be valuable.
Messages Include:
  • Natural & Spiritual Man
  • Ability of the Spirit
  • The Felt Presence of God
  • The Felt Presence of God 2
  • How the Brain Works 1
  • How the Brain Works 2
  • The Ways of the Spirit
  • Moving in the Spirit
  • Imagination

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