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Leadership affects all facets of our lives; from parenting to the workplace. There are times when we are called to be leaders, and there are times when we are meant to follow. Sometimes we have the talent for leadership, but not the character. The same could be said vice-versa. This 8-disc series examines many aspects of leadership. It will dissect our internal motivations and those of others.

Whether you are leading a family, business, church, volunteer organization, or ministry, this series will increase your effectiveness in every endeavor of your life.

This eight-part series includes:

  • Who Do You Trust
  • Manipulator or Co-operator
  • Spring or Brick
  • The 3 Circles of Life
  • Spin Cycle of Success
  • 8 Must ask Questions
  • 8 Must ask Questions - Part 2
  • Ministering in the Spirit & Communication

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