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David: Being Fully Formed For Success


In this series, we will examine an overview of David's life with the intention of seeing ourselves in his story. If you have ever been frustrated with your potential, the level of formation, or simply interested in the scriptures and its account of David, then this series is for you.

We will answer questions like:

  1. How do I know when I have reached my potential?
  2. What am I called to do?
  3. What am I best to avoid?
  4. What is anointing? Am I anointed?
  5. Am I stewarding the gift or squandering the gift?
  6. What is living inspired?
  7. How does God equip people?
  8. How long does the journey take?
  9. What about when nothing is working?
  10. How to handle it when someone you helped betrays you?

We invite you to come and journey with us in this amazing study.

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