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Be Happy : Examining the Beatitudes


When simplifying the great questions of life, philosophers claim three to be foundational for study: Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going? However, there is an underlying drive for happiness motivating us to ask these questions. The real question is, "How can I be happy?"

Join us as we examine Jesus' practical answers to that universal question. We see Christ introspectively investigate the attitudes within our hearts for the purpose of wholeness with him.

This series focuses on practically applying Jesus' teachings for true fulfilled living.

This four-part series includes:

  • Be Humble - Be Happy
  • Have Mercy - Be Happy
  • Be Generous - Be Happy
  • Give Your World Some Flavor - Be Happy
This series also comes with a bonus message:
  • The Authority of the Rabbi (Video)
  • The Authority of the Rabbi (Audio)

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