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If you have questions about the fundamentals in our faith, then this series is for you. "Foundations" examines eight essential elements which define the Christian value system.

The following questions are answered and more:
  • What does it mean to be "saved"?
  • Where did we get the Bible?
  • How is the Bible relevant?
  • What is the significance of "baptism"?
  • What about the baptism in the Holy Spirit?
  • Does God care about small aspects of my life?
  • What is conviction?
  • How does God expect me to handle my money?
  • What is God's dream for my life?
  • How do I fit into the church?

Our hope is to answer all these questions in a unique and relevant manner that will change your life.

This five-part series includes:

  • The Journey of Salvation and the Word of God
  • Holy Spirit Baptism and Spiritual Language
  • The Church and Water Baptism
  • Stewardship
  • Philosophy of Ministry and Worship

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