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Bible Masterclass


This course will help you approach scripture in a more meaningful way.  Often the scriptures become an unnecessary hurdle to someone’s walk with Christ because the scripture in question is being approached inappropriately.  After this six-hour course, you will be equipped to have a reasonable conversation with any curious person who has issues with the Bible.  This course is a fun and entertaining look at aspects of ancient literature like genre, history, arc and major literary devices of the Bible writers.  What you will also find is knowing the story underneath the story will always make the story make more sense.

Comments from Master Classes:
'I was riveted for 80 minutes' - Pastor for 45 years
'In all my years of bible study I have never heard anything so enlightening, I wish I had known this when I started in the ministry' - Pastor for 55 years
'That class has changed the way I look at the bible, I can't wait to dig back into it now' - 19 year old
'Wow, that just blew my mind' - 24 year old
'That was a game changer' - Pastor for 28 years

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