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How to Read the Bible like a Hebrew Bundle Kit


     This bundle kit will help navigate you through key Hebraic ideas and concepts, which will affect the way you read the whole Bible. The Bible was written by Jewish authors as directed by the Holy Spirit. God intended for His truths to be communicated through the lens of a Hebraic perspective.

     These seminars will reveal historical events that will make reading the Bible come more alive to you. You will gain insightful knowledge that will aid you in exploring deeper meaning from Biblical texts.

Part 1 Topics Include:

  • Reading the Bible for Identification
  • Handling Dimensional Limitations
  • The Basics of Historical Arc
  • The Disposition of Messiah
  • Finding Jesus in the Torah
  • Euphemisms and Metaphors that tell a Story Underneath the Story.

Part 2 Topics Include:

  • Form vs. Function
  • Paleo-Hebrew images
  • Basic ideas that you can't read the Bible without.
  • Weddings
  • Covenants
  • Festivals
  • Basic Hebrew Hermeneutics - Seeing the Bible through four levels.

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