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All of us can remember a time when we ran from something. Maybe we ran from a fight we did not think we could win. Maybe we ran away from responsibility thinking it would all go away if we ignored it. At some point many of us thought about running away from home as children; only to realize the futility of the action.

We have had times where we knew God wanted us to do something, and then we ran from Him. We have also had times where we knew God wanted us to stop doing something, but we continued on anyways. We have had moments where we refused to pray because we thought we would not like what He would say.

What happens to us when we run from God? This series examines principles from the life of Jonah. Using Hebraic interpretation methods, we will find ourselves in this story ultimately realizing the heart of God's grace.

Messages Include:

  • Relearning the Love of God
  • Embracing God's Best
  • Getting the Most out of a Crisis
  • Challenging my Prejudice
  • Things Aren't as they Seem
  • A God Who Understands

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