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Self Esteem


We live in a culture where depression and anxiety are more prevalent than joyful living. With such a heavy emphasis to find our own individualism, life has become increasingly easier to surrender to the unrealistic expectations of being constantly different. People are more concerned with their unique place in this world than they are with the beliefs which unite us.

We are taught from an early age that each person is special, but if everyone is special then doesn't that make them normal? Questions like these bring a stark reality to many people. Inadequacies, insecurities, and discontent are being bred into our children.

Security is found in Jesus. This five-part series discusses factors and truths that should help you find your identity in Christ, and restore joy to your soul.

This is a five-part series with topics including:

  • Do I Really Matter?
  • Why am I Sagging?
  • Shame "off" You
  • Embracing "OK"-ness with God
  • Remedies

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