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The Cross: As You Have Never Seen It


Images of the cross engulf western culture. Churches, cars, decals, t-shirts, jewelry, and even candy are all sporting the fascinating image. The plentiful icon entices us to ask a question: what does the cross really mean?

Why is the cross so important to our lives? This series investigates the cross by asking a question: if Heaven and Hell were not the issue, is the cross still worth it? If you knew you would go to Heaven anyway, is Jesus still worth following? This series investigates the facets of the cross beyond Heaven, Hell, and forgiveness; and it challenges the listener to live a life that is defined by what the cross stands for.

The topics in this series include:

  • Handling Conflict
  • Turn the other cheek
  • Love is Risky
  • Bloody Water
  • God can be touched
  • Ignorance and Level Ground

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