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The Pressure's Off


For most of us, our world is full of pressure. We are asked to juggle: jobs, kids, spousal roles, hobbies, friendships, dreams, etc.; with expectations to be perfect at all of them. Life can quickly become overwhelming. To top it all off, we perceive pressure from God to get everything right; the reason why some simply give up soon becomes apparent.

This series examines the truth; there is a better story for your life. Let's investigate God's expectations while balancing wisdom principles for living with less pressure. At the end of this series, our hope is for you to be equipped with a greater sense in your standing with God; along with tools to make better decisions for your life today.

Messages Include:

  • Atonement
  • Getting Where You Want to Go
  • The Winning Bid
  • No Stranger to Danger
  • The Table is Set
  • The Cure for Drifting

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