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The Resurrection Legacy


At the center of our faith is the resurrection Jesus Messiah; the provider of hope for God's children to be raised from the dead into eternal life. Too often though, we have made His resurrection about "being raised someday" when, in fact, His life and resurrection are provided today to accomplish our mission--to restore all things.

This series will show the power of God displayed through His life and resurrection, and will challenge us to fulfill our mission of sharing the good news of the resurrected life of Jesus. This is the mission that Jesus has given to us; it cannot be ignored. Now is the time to live out our calling, and begin walking in the footsteps of the Resurrection Legacy.

Messages Include:

  • Palm Sunday
  • The Power of Resurrection
  • The Mystery of the Cross
  • Salvation Has Come to Your House
  • Surprised by Hope
  • Legacy Reset

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