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The Sermon on the Mount


Jesus' most famous sermon was so well-attended that He had to climb a mountain to create enough space in order to speak to the crowds. What He gave them was a biblical masterpiece which each person relates to in one fashion or another. His brilliant discourse on choices can bring us to completion or to disrepair.

Jesus addresses huge life issues: humility, mercy, mourning, desires, oaths, revenge, retaliation, heart motives, generosity, peace, manipulation, judgment, getting what you need from others, worry, prayer, and solid foundations. Join us as we critique his sermon to discover deep truths and even deeper challenges for our lives today.

Messages Include:

  • A New Way of Life
  • Who is Salt and Light
  • Murder, Adultery and Divorce
  • Acts of Righteousness
  • You & Your Stuff 1 - Work
  • You & Your Stuff 2 - Wisdom and Honor
  • You & Your Stuff 3 - Knowing God
  • You & Your Stuff 4 - Handling Your Money to Win
  • Worry, Judgement and Hungry Pigs

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