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Why Believe?


Have you ever wondered about the validity of the Bible? Have you ever thought about the existence of God Himself? Have you ever wondered what causes some people to not be able to buy into the Christian belief system or even found yourself not being able to buy into the Christian belief system? If so, this series will help answer some difficult questions.

We all have struggles intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, relationally, and mentally. The search for the universal truth is the very foundation of philosophy; philosophy being the study of life, reality, and existence. Why should we believe Christianity is the truth when there are so many other options out there? Join us in this series to explore some potentially new and unique avenues of thought.

This is a four part series with topics including:

  • Is the Bible Reliable (Part I)?
  • Is the Bible Reliable (Part II)?
  • Will the real God please stand up?
  • Barriers to Belief

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